Tuesday, November 2, 2010

AAUP letter sparks local and national media

News story, WVLA Channel 33 - National advocacy group gets behind LSU instructors; Says LSU should extend contracts through end of school year (11/5)

Article in the Chronicle of Higher Education - AAUP Protests Louisiana State U.'s Plan to Lay Off 14 Language Instructors (11/2)

Article in the Advocate (picked up by the Associated Press) - National faculty group criticizes LSU layoffs (11/2)

Article in the Daily Reveille - AAUP wants University to reinstate instructors (11/4)


  1. Have the Foreign language 14 attempted to get legal counsel for this situation? I don't understand how this could be legal.

  2. The University assures us that their lawyers approved all procedures and criteria used to fire the foreign language instructors. We have been told by a very well-respected local lawyer that we would not be able to recover what we would have to spend on a lawsuit. We have also been told by a faculty group on campus: "The University has acted immorally and unethically, and totally within the law."


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