Monday, November 15, 2010

A new AAUP letter for LSU

The newest letter from the AAUP (American Association of University Professors) to the administrators of LSU states, in part:

"In considering what we had to say particularly about the notices becoming effective in the middle of the academic year, you should find it instructive to know about the conclusions of the Colorado Court of Appeals in a 1984 opinion in Vibrat Subryan v. Regents of the University of Colorado that has subsequently been accepted in other jurisdictions.  An issue in that case was the effective date for the notice under the AAUP's Standards for Notice of Nonreappointment, which had been adopted by the institution.  The court stated in dictum that "the regents must give twelve months notice prior to the end of the appointed term, rather than merely twelve months notice at any time during the appointed term."  As the AAUP observed at the time, the decision provided "assurance that the expiration of appointments of University of Colorado faculty will remain in step with the academic hiring cycle."

Once again, we thank the American Association of University Professors for giving this case the attention it deserves.  Please support the AAUP so they can continue the work they do on behalf of all higher education faculty who find themselves in similar situations.

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